Rosemary & Richard's Honeymoon

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Arriving in Auckland


We flew out to New Zealand via Los Angeles. The 26 hours in the air was split by the stop off in the USA - although we didn't leave the gate lounge, we still had to go through the full immigration process!

We were joined on our trip by Beefy, the Beefeater Teddy Bear. We got Beefy from the Tower of London after our wedding there and he went with us on our mini-honeymoon to Budapest to act as a stand-in for us as one of us would always be taking the photos. Since then he has accompanied Richard on almost all his trips overseas, including visits to Poland, Dubai and Montreal. During our time in New Zealand Beefy acted as a wonderful ambassador and helped break the ice everywhere we went (literally everywhere as he seemed to live in Rosemary's back pack!)

We landed in Auckland early in the morning and so had to wait while our room was prepared, but we were soon off exploring the city and being helped by friendly locals. Rosemary was introduced to the New Zealand concept of a 'long black coffee' which meant a double shot of expresso, rather than a tall Americano!

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